Ready for Rigor™ Masterclass

Managing Instructional Change:

Summer Planning to Help Teachers 

Close the Knowing-Doing Gap in the Fall

June 7, 2024

Even before the joy of graduation celebrations settle down, we’ve begun the task of closing out this school year and looking forward. For principals and assistant principals in charge of instructional leadership, that means planning time this summer. How do we use the end of the school year to set ourselves up for success in the coming school year? 

Most educators will focus on ways to incorporate the newest instructional strategies or the latest text for next year’s book study. We often forget to think about systemizing our change management process to help teachers close what Richard DuFour called “the knowing-doing gap” around the essential practices we have yet to master.

In this free, 75- minute masterclass, we’ll look at the principles of change management to turbo charge your instructional leadership to help teachers avoid those “dangerous detours” and “seductive shortcuts” that move us away from achieving more equitable outcomes with shiny object syndrome. 

To more effectively close the gap between teachers’ professional development participation and their increased capacity to translate new knowledge into more responsive teaching to improve student learning, we will review Roger’s Diffusion of Innovation, Kegan and Lehay’s Immunity to Change, and the Heath Brothers’ Switch framework through an equity lens in order to identify 2-3 small but high leverage moves leaders can use in their planning this summer.

When:  Friday, June 7th
Where: Live over Zoom meeting
Time:   1:00pm – 2:15p Eastern Time 
            12:00p – 1:15p Central Time 
            10am-11:15a Pacific Time