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Speaking and Professional Development 

Requests for 2022

Culturally responsive education is becoming recognized as a long-overdue element in creating classrooms of belonging and high achievement for diverse students. As a result, more and more states have added culturally responsive teaching to their teacher professional standards.

My purpose as a teacher educator is to help schools build teacher capacity in this area so they can meet these important teaching standards. So thank you for reaching out and trusting me to help you in this area.

Speaking Requests for 2022

Ms. Hammond’s speaking calendar for 2022 is full! We are not accepting any new requests for in-person or virtual keynote presentations at this time.

We’ll open conference keynote requests for Spring- Summer 2023 later this year, in November 2022.

School-Based PD Requests

Our 2022 calendar is also closed to in-person school-site presentations as well as virtual presentations.

Ms. Hammond will be leading a limited number of online offerings for Fall 2022.

  • Monthly Masterclass on Culturally Responsive Instruction
  • Webinar Series for Community College Instructors
  • Webinar Series for Instructional Coaches
  • Culturally Responsive Education by Design Online PLC October 2022 – May 30, 2023. Join the waitlist at

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